Client Impact
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We pride ourselves in delivering strong business results for each of our clients.
Load serving entity
EBITDA increase by lowering exposure to real-time prices
Renewable generator
Free cash flow increase by optimizing market bidding
Global Utility
Reduction in day-ahead energy demand forecast error
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We aspire to be a strategic partner
Our goal is to help our clients increase their company’s profitability. We engage with clients’ leadership to understand strategic goals and explore how our forecasts can have a meaningful impact.
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How we work together
Taking inventory
We start each collaboration by creating an inventory of your forecasting use cases — estimating the potential for improvement and sizing the business impact of addressing each use case.
Proof of concept
For a priority use case, we’ll conduct a Proof of Concept (POC). In this phase, our data science team creates custom forecasting models and evaluates the corresponding business opportunity.
Forecasting service
After the POC shows positive impact, we move forward with ongoing forecasting services. Your team will receive new forecasts regularly to use in day-to-day decision-making and realize true business impact.
Data Integration
Our team works with you to set up continuous data integrations with automated data quality checks.
Live Forecasting
You can view our forecasts in live dashboards or access them through our API and client libraries.
Our data scientists actively monitor each forecast to ensure reliable ongoing performance.
Ongoing partnership
After starting a forecasting service for your first use case, we review the original inventory to prioritize additional use cases that grow the value of our partnership to your business.
Our differentiation
We stand out through our unique approach and vision.
Focused expertise
Focused expertise
Our founding team has worked on the intersection of machine learning and time series forecasting for a decade. We stay focused on what we do best.
Active partnership
Active partnership
We are dedicated collaborators ready to support your operation. We demonstrate business impact quickly, which is why our clients love working with us.
A wider view
A wider view
A wealth of datasets from unique vendors allows us to capture signals other models would miss. Our systems handle the integration and optimization for you.
Adaptive models
Adaptive models
Our models are designed to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Whether wildfires affect your load or your customer base grows — we’ve got you covered.
Evolution of energy
A transformation is underway in the energy industry. Once powered by fossil fuels, the grid now relies heavily on variable renewables and distributed energy resources. Accurate foresight is key to making this new energy system reliable. Myst provides you with the tools to thrive in the modern energy era.
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